Mobiliya, a QuEST Global Company, Launches ThirdEye, an AI-Based Vision-Analytics Platform

Friday, 26 October 2018, 17:40 IST
By SiliconIndia

On the 25th of October 2018, Mobiliya a QuEST Global company, announced the launch of Mobiliya ThirdEye, an ingenious AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven blueprint solution that aims at improving operational intelligence and enhance the decision-making process (powered by NVIDIA and Microsoft technology).

While commenting on the successful launch, Krish Kupathil, Head (Digital and Hi-Tech), QuEST Global said, “Mobiliya, a QuEST global Company, has always been ahead of the curve vis-à-vis leveraging futuristic technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions targeted to fulfill specific client objectives. With the ThirdEye platform, we are enabling customers to maximize the advantages offered by AI and deep learning. The solution offers multiple benefits in a single package – enhanced security, better customer experiences and higher business outcomes while leveraging existing COTS hardware.” Rodney Clark, Vice President, IoT Sales, Microsoft went on to add, “We are thrilled that Mobiliya is powering their ThirdEye vision-analytics platform with Azure services and Power BI. Businesses from manufacturing to retail can utilize ThirdEye with their existing “brown field” or with new CCTV and IP cameras to analyze visual data, gain new insights and take real time action to ensure that equipment and facilities are secure and functioning properly.”

ThirdEye is a robust vision-analytics platform that uses a distributed camera infrastructure to capture image feeds that are analyzed by an AI engine to get actionable insights, presented through a unified admin dashboardEmbedded advanced intelligent video analytics enable this solution to derive specific patterns and actionable insights from the video feed. The solution can seamlessly complement and boost the existing infrastructure of CCTV and IP cameras.

The platform utilizes at its core NVIDIA Jetson edge computing and Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub, Power BI and Azure Machine Learning services and can be integrated with the machine vision systems and other data sources, especially in manufacturing plants. With the help of AI-driven validation, ThirdEye can then provide manufacturers with a complete view of all of the manufactured products’ specifications and its packaging. NVIDIA GPUs help to process images and videos from the data source to create dashboards, showcasing actionable business intelligence insights. With its self-learning and self-enriching capabilities, the platform helps manufacturers detect and track errors with great accuracy.

In addition to manufacturing plants, the ThirdEye platform can enable cross-industry applications like smart parking, smart lobbies, retail heat maps, smart meeting rooms, and intelligent customer counters. It can be extended to empower not just security personnel, but other functions across industries including retail, healthcare, real estate, transportation, smart cities, education, banking and law enforcement.

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