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YouTube testing \'Explore\' feature

Wednesday, 25 July 2018, 17:22 IST

 Google-owned YouTube is testing a new "Explore" feature that would help users find relevant channels and videos based on their search history while browsing on mobile.

"'Explore' is designed to help you be exposed to different types of topics, videos or channels that you might not otherwise encounter but they are still personalized, still based on your viewing activities," said Tom Leung, YouTube's Director of Product Management on the company's "Creator Insider" channel.

The experimental "Explore" tab would reflect on the bottom of the YouTube app for one percent iPhone users. 

The feature will come with "creators on the rise" shelf to promote an emerging creator along with the already existing "trending" shelf, that would allow creators to grow their audience access.

Leung, however, did not elaborate about whether or not the experiment will reach Android users. 

Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram also has an "Explore" tab that redirects users to more of the content their search history traces to their interests.

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