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Dr. Chad P. Gehani Elected as American Dental Association (ADA) President-Elect

Saturday, 27 October 2018, 02:23 IST
By SiliconIndia

Dr. Chad P. Gehani, was voted president-elect at the American Dental Association House of Delegates in Honolulu, Hawaii.482 delegates of the ADA, the leading advocate of dentistry, overwhelmingly voted for Dr. Gehani asking him to lead the profession and its membership, He defeated three completive contestants from California, Ohio, and Oregon.

Dr. Chad P. Gehani will be automatically ascended to be President of the ADA at the close of its House of Delegates meeting in San Francisco in October 2019. He will be duly sworn in as President before that meeting closes. Dr. Gehani’s campaign journey started over a year and half ago with a prayer and culminated on Monday October 22, 2018 in a historic win. It’s a triumph for an Indian dentist, who break the record of 157 years of the American Dental Association.

Drs. Chad and Rekha Gehani are both members of the ADA for last thirty five plus years. During the course of his campaign Dr. Gehani made over twenty tireless visits to multiple states around the country and spoke to scores of ADA delegates relentlessly understanding their needs and the needs of the profession in the United States at this time. He came up with specific solutions to issues that he had studied for over a year and very eloquently spoke from his heart, extempore all the time, as he explained his strategy to the delegates for handling specific issues and provide optimal results that will take us all in the right direction. This is a win-win situation for dentistry and all its stakeholders. 

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