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Things You Need To Know About Managing Finances Of A Business

Monday, 13 August 2018, 17:28 IST
By SiliconIndia

Doing business is now a dream for most of the youth, and so most of them start to plan from a very young age or during their graduation period that we find some way to start their own company. These planning only results in several successful startups of all time, some of them are Flipkart, OYO rooms. So the first thing for a successful business is proper planning and the proper management of the plan which you are executing. Planning is another thing, but the major role is of Money or financial investment for your business. Most of the innovative ideas fail due to the lack of financial source, so it is important to have a source of financial investment before you think of doing business. And most of the young minds get demotivated here as they are not having a proper source of investment and they don’t know to arrange them. Also due to the lack of a properpath, they are betrayed by frauds, so it is important to get to know the importance of finance and to manage it.


It is an underrated hero while starting something but it plays the most important role. We only expect this in return but is very necessary to manage finance properly if you are a newcomer and wants to do a successful business. Without this you cannot buy new products necessary for your company, cannot give a salary to your employees and many more thing. So the source of finance and its management is necessary. If you don’t have enough capital,you might need to consider Personalloansnow long term.


  • It is always good to start your business in a partnership so that financial load is divided. Also, your partner should be trustworthy.

  • If you are planning from very early days,i.e., from your graduation, it will be good if you start saving a bit more than others and also create some source of income so that you save more for your future use.

  • You can ask fora loan from the bank by comparing the service of the different bank and can pay it in future.

  • There are several govt schemes for business; advantage should be taken from that place.

  • You can sell your goods which you don’t use anymore to get some money.

  • You can rent your bike, flat, etc. whichever is possible to get money.

To generate money is not a big deal as compared to its management, so it is important to know its management.


  • Open a proper bank account.

  • A good and trusted mentor is necessary when it comes to your money management as their experience will help you a lot.

  • A good accounting software is needed, there are no of software, try to compare and then use any of them.

  • Try to use Mobile payment facility as it will accelerate your cash flow for any of your Transaction.

  • Try to analyze all your accounts once in a week thoroughly and the decisions according to that.

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