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How To Access VIP Airport Lounges For Free?

Tuesday, 06 December 2022, 18:09 IST
By Stella, content writer

How To Access VIP Airport Lounges For Free?

Almost everyone is captivated by the idea of flying when they are young. However, the thought of going to the airport to fly to the next destination once you have boarded a considerable number of flights can be frustrating. It can be a real adventure to travel by plane for sure or it can be genuine distress.

It begins with packing all the clothes and necessary belongings a day before to avoid being late. Reach the airport two hours before and finish the check-in procedure with spare time to relax before sitting in a cramped seat for your hour-long journey. All in all, the entire process can be hectic and calls for some rest! A quiet and peaceful reprieve with mouth-watering food and drinks and comfortable seating sounds like a perfect way to spend the remaining time. But the constant noise, poor internet connection, and stiff chair harshly burst your dream bubble of settling down for a few minutes.

Many dislike airports for obvious and understandable reasons, and the experience depends primarily on factors over which you have no control. However, as Richelle Mead said, "For every bad thing in life, there are more good things to tip the balance." In this case, the access to airport lounge shines as a respite to improve your experience.

Isn't a lounge accessible only to business travellers and wealthy adventurers? Well, it is not, and you can get an access to airport lounge easily, that too, for free! This article aims to give you a sneak peek into multiple ways to get free access to the airport lounge without cost. So dive in!

Different Ways to get an access to airport lounge for Free

You arrive at your gate number and wait for the boarding call once you have done the check-in, security checking, and other processes. An airport lounge, however, makes this tiring task worth remembering. It offers various amenities, including rest areas, free Wi-Fi, clean and well-maintained washrooms, snacks and drinks, etc. But how to get access to the airport lounge for free? Here are some tricks and ways to get an exciting lounge experience by accessing it without any charges:

1. Fly first-class or business

It is not exactly a secret that some tickets provide exceptional facilities to passengers. Flying in business or first class gives you complimentary access to the airport lounge. You do not have to pay to enter the lounge and spend the time before you board the plane; airlines directly grant access to passengers possessing these tickets without any additional charges.

However, it is preferable to select the seats only after learning the difference between them. A business class ticket offers considerably more legroom than an economy class seat. On the other hand, a first-class ticket passenger often relishes in the entire suite with closing doors, an entertainment screen, and cozy double beds. The business class tickets open the door to an overwhelming range of amenities and luxuries to delight you with top-level privacy, dining, and comfort.

If you are planning a trip and are ready to book tickets, consider traveling with a business or first-class ticket per your suitability and preference to ease your travel. Besides having free access to the airport lounge, it will also make your flight easy and convenient with comfortable seats and exceptional services.

2. Third-party Lounge Pass Membership

The easiest way to get access to airport lounges across the world is to get your hands on a high-quality third-party lounge pass. It permits entry to over 1000 lounges and provides complimentary perks like food, drinks, beverages, showers, Wi-Fi, alcohol, and more.

A well-known example is a Priority Pass. Priority Pass is a program that allows you access to more than 1300 lounges in international airports. It is available as a membership or an inclusive feature on some credit cards. You can purchase the membership or check whether your credit card offers the access to airport lounge in the Priority Pass network.

Some passes accompany suites to leverage a conducive flight and erase any possibility of jetlag. If you are a frequent traveler and have several flights planned in your future, it will be ignorant to underestimate the value of an airport lounge pass.

3. Meet the "Elite Status"

Airlines offer loyalty programs to attract travelers into booking reservations with their services. The more one travels with a brand, the greater the chance of acquiring an elite status. Now, elite status is a term that describes members who progressed beyond the basic membership a loyalty program attributes. You can raise your status depending on your spending on a particular airline and its partners, the frequency of your reservations, and partaking in other activities. For instance, some airlines simplify the process of attaining the elite title by offering it to passengers owning a co-branded credit card. While a few credit cards do not automatically provide you access to airport lounge, you can get them with excellent travel cards.

Elite status includes an impressive number of benefits. You can avail of complimentary upgrades, free checked bags, higher mileage-earning rates, priority boarding, and other advancements besides the guaranteed lounge access to airport lounge.

4. Bring A Plus One

Many airports allow first-class passengers to take a plus-one or a specific number of people access to airport lounge. You are very much in luck if you have a friend or relative with lounge access, and you can ask them to access the lounge with their membership or ticket. Moreover, many people have experiences where they were waiting near the lounge and politely asking people with free lounge visits to gain entrance.

If you are a social butterfly and severely optimistic, you can talk to the passengers with memberships and remember to be friendly when asking for access to airport lounge. Although, it may be challenging if you are shy or have social anxiety. But you can always give it a shot. It never hurts to try, and luck might be on your side, so you never know!

5. Use a credit card

Another one of the easiest ways to gain cost-free and unlimited access to airport lounge worldwide is to purchase a credit card. Some exclusive cards come packed with limitless benefits and eye-catching perks that you would love to have! The right credit card can decide whether you idle away your 4-hour flyover time sitting inside a cafe in the consistent buzz and chaos or relaxing in a lounge, separate from all the blustering madness. As international trips become unusually popular, travelers have found an excellent companion to ease their travel via flights with a suitable credit card in their hand.

You can readily opt for a credit card with splendid perks and complimentary access to airport lounge. For instance, HDFC Bank INFINIA Credit Card, SBI ELITE Credit Card, Axis Bank SELECT Credit Card, Citibank Prestige Credit Card, and American Express Platinum Card are some of the most sought-after choices.

6. Free access to an active military member

Are you a military member looking for a way to spend your waiting time placidly before you board the plane? If yes, then you have been unknowingly missing out on a lot! Various airport lounges have their doors opened for military members without charging a penny. You can access free visits to the lounge area after going through the terms and conditions of the particular airport.

Some typical ways of military access to airport lounge are:

  • United Club

It offers free access to military personnel and their families traveling on the same day via flight operated by United. All you need to do is show your military ID or be in your uniform with the boarding pass and sponsoring documentation.

  • United Service Organizations (USO)

USO is a non-profit organization operating many airport lounges with free access to military members around the United States. You can research or inquire if your airport offers it using online platforms to make the most of your trip.

  • American Airlines Admirals Club

Free access to military personnel traveling abroad or within the country. Check if your airport's lounge falls under the ones operated by American Airlines Admirals Club to cultivate the promising benefits.

7. International debit cards

You are mistaken if you think that credit cards are your only way to get complimentary lounge access. A few international debit cards feature free lounge access for cardholders. Surprisingly, many are unaware of this positive trait they bring. Even though some debit cards charge a nominal fee, you can avail of this benefit for free by selecting the best international debit cum travel card. In addition to cost-free lounge visits, they furnish tons of features. Zero markup fee when making foreign transactions and an in-built ATM locator to facilitate you in finding a functional ATM can help you lift the burden of carrying hefty cash off your shoulders.


Airport lounges can relieve a lot of stress that comes with flying. However, many people think of getting access to airport lounge as a top-tier facility that only a few can afford. But that isn’t true! Airport lounges are no longer the place exclusively for high-end business travelers. A well-versed planning in advance for your next trip can help you enjoy all the perks of lounges worldwide. Complimentary drinks and beverages, free Wi-Fi, and overall comfort will change your views about airports, whether waiting for your international or domestic flight. However, a single lounge visit will leave you desiring free access whenever you travel. Well, good for you! A right credit card or international debit cum travel card will do the trick by providing you lifetime access to lounges.