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Corner Office Choices: The Executive Woman's Guide to Financial Freedom

Thursday, 06 September 2018, 18:50 IST
By SiliconIndia

For quite some time, financial planning has been a term disassociated with women, which is ironic, for plenty of reasons. For many, it is a matter of embarrassment that they do not understand the idea behind it. Things are even difficult when the fairer-sex is no more confined to the walls of the house but climbing up the ranks of the C-suit executive while being attached to the conventional domestic duties. Corner Office Choices: The Executive Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom, brings forth many cases where the financial planning has been lacking in the lives of many highly successful but exhausted women and seeks to bring a ray of light when it comes to the Piggy Bank savings.

Authored by Bridget Venus Grimes, who herself has faced the paradox of professional and domestic lives, the book is a friend and guide that exhibits not only relatable situations but also the solution to these often occurring conundrums. Unlike many of its predecessors, Office Corner Choices does not tell how to spend your money, but rather help you draft the idea behind a smart planning without compromising on the daily pleasures of life.

Offering a step by step guidance to the impalpable financial freedom, the book lists down the commonly occurring situations like the juxtaposition of high capital but low security & saving, dreams & reality and everything in between. By painting a picture of the contemporary women executive, Bridget writes down the essence of pursuing passions & pursuits while engaging in a healthy cash flow management. If thought on those lines, it is possible to retire early, have that dream vacation home and also live your life without plunging yourself into the stone era. Sounds impossible? It is true and can be proved by the sheer number of case studies of women from several backgrounds, of diverse age and different personalities, but with one requirement, and that is the financial freedom that they deserve. 

The verdict about this book as simple as it is deep. It is the perfect guide to something as complex as financial strategies & planning (not anymore), iterating your roadmap to what you are, to what you want to be and to what you can be. For those short on time, the book has negligible financial jargon and clearly enunciated tips that makes it less apprehensible. Women or not, money matters is for everyone and Corner Office Choices sure brings the untouched agenda of women & capital investment to light, for everyone to notice and everyone to accept that is okay to digress, but with clear management tactics, anything is possible. 

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