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Why West Needs Narendra Modi?

Wednesday, 02 July 2014, 01:30 IST
By SiliconIndia

BANGALORE: In what seems to be a shocking shift in power balance, the newly elected PM Narendra Modi has caught the attention of the West in more ways than expected. Given the circumstances behind his election in front of the largest democracy in the world, he has made news with being a man to change India in all fronts, from technology, to business and to the disarrayed bilateral relations with other countries.

A man who was shunned out of America and denied entry to the country, wrought in the bad list of power countries in Europe and not a great fan of the people of Britain now has his stand stronger than ever as these countries are willing to do anything to get in his good books. India being a potential economic platform for foreign businesses, the West will do anything to have good relations and fix any bygones that many have left wounds in their relationship with the Indian PM Modi.

In a shocking and much needed recovery of old disagreement, America did the wiser by opening a quick invitation to Modi to visit the country. Alongside U.S. are Britain and France who are in a race to secure Defense investments with India, as the newly elected government is out to put high stacks on its safety. The country has been running its military unit with weaponry from the soviet-era that seems to be out of date when it comes to new military reforms.

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