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No Women And Children Are Safe In Uttar Pradesh: Report

Thursday, 03 July 2014, 00:44 IST
By SiliconIndia

All these cases attributed to the rise in number of total crimes reported against women in UP. Violence in the form of murder, kidnapping, molestation and dowry deaths have also risen by almost 50 percent with 32546 such cases reported in 2013 as compared to 23569 such cases last year, as per the NCRB report.

Not just womenfolk, even children are the victims of crime prevailing in this state. According to the report, in UP last year, around 9857 crimes reported against children, contributing to more than 16 percent figure of crimes against children all over the country.

PWD Minister Shivpal Singh Yadav said, "Uttar Pradesh is a big state but when compared, the incidents of crime and rape in other states are more, than here, but the incidents taking place here are blown up by the media," reports The Times of India.

The Crime figures of this country's most populous state regarding women and children under the regime of Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav since 2003 have been quite similar but the crime chart has hit an extraordinary high in 2013 under the rule of Akhilesh Yadav, the report further disclosed.

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