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9 Things to Avoid Buying in 2016

Thursday, 31 December 2015, 00:31 IST
By SiliconIndia

Apple Watch

Apple recently launched its own Smartwatch. However, the new product has just been released and experts are speculating about the market performance of Apple’s new Watch. Apple’s introduction of the Apple watch has attracted many who now believe that it is the best Smart watch out there which beats the Moto 360. Nonetheless, Apple’s Watch doesn’t come in cheap nor is it really useful as half the functions can already be found on the iPhone itself.

Virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality is an old concept but it is new as all the Smartphone makers are turning their attention to create a portable headset for consumers now. Virtual reality headset is a talk of the town innovation hence the prices are sky high, therefore the alternative to experience similar advantage is the need of hour. On the other hand, this gadget, like every other, doesn’t come for cheap, hence it will be advisable to wait for a while until competition picks up which is likely to bring down the price.

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