6 Old Gadgets That Still Are A Good Buy

Monday, 03 June 2013, 15:46 IST
By SiliconIndia

#3 Apple iPhone 4

Launch Price :Rs. 34,500
Current price Rs.24,345

We saw a major transition in the design of iPhones with iPhone 4 coming into the limelight, beating iPhone 3GS. The device was launched in 2010 but is still seen in the market with a price tag of Rs.25,000. The buzz around this phone is that it is the cheapest one in the market right now and that Apple is also offering a cash back scheme on this device.
The iPhone is quite fast and offers smooth performance with its iOS. It flaunts a fantastic design and can even compete with the newest fragile Nexus. It is also a compact device and can comfortably fit into small hands without any disruption.
For those watching out on this, it is no doubt a good looking device that matches the class of the present Smartphone design without any major drawbacks.

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