5 Most Expensive Phones In The World

Thursday, 09 May 2013, 01:20 IST
By SiliconIndia

#3 iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Price: Rs.827.3 million

Hughes, known for crafting incredibly priced tech products, created the design for the latest Apple phone, iPhone 5, codenamed as Black Diamond iPhone 5. It includes an inlay of 600 white diamonds, a solid gold Apple logo surrounded by 53 white diamonds, 135 grams of 24-carat gold and sapphire glass for the screen. In the case of black diamond, the stone replaced the iPhone’s home button.

Apart from the design, Black Diamond has similar specifications as iPhone 5. It features a 4-inch display with custom designed ARMv7 processor called the Apple A6, an update to Apple's mobile operating system known as iOS 6. In terms of storage, it has 16, 32 or 64 GB but doesn’t support plug-in memory cards and has an 8MP camera along with various features like geo-tagging, face detection, touch focus and the like.