5 Dumbest 'Smart'phones Ever

Friday, 23 November 2012, 01:17 IST
By SiliconIndia

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play was expected to come out as a phone that could be used primarily for entertainment and gaming.  But since it consumes a lot of time loading, it does not serve the purpose.  It also has very less storage which means that you cannot have a large collection of games!  Adding to the drawbacks is the screen which is too small for you to be really entertained.

4. Motorola Titanium

This one is easy on your pocket but it also accounts for lack of quality features. It lets you enjoy mobile internet but the entire resolution of the pages that you view are below standard, forget getting 3G speeds.  Another downside of the phone is the poor quality camera that has no flash. Storing is a pain because of the poor 150 MHz processor. It also lacks the self-resizing feature of widgets which is there on other Motorola phones.