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Tampa based start-up aims to be the Super Fuel for AI models!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018, 23:13 IST
By SiliconIndia

BlacstrawWhen almost the entire technology world is going all out to create the next big Artificial Intelligence solution, a Tampa-based startup, Blackstraw is focusing on the ONE thing that matters most to AI models - DATA. 100% of AI implementations need clean data. 60% of AI implementation costs are data-training related, i.e. even before an enterprise begins training its AI models.

“Labelled data is key ” says Blackstraw’s CEO, Atul Arya. “Before planning AI implementation, enterprises should first plan on having a good Data Strategy. Capturing, structuring, labeling & grouping data are all part of Data Strategy. In the excitement to create an AI solution, this fundamental step often gets ignored. ” It is in this area of AI that Blackstraw is making a significant impact with its Data Workbench for AI.

Using Blackstraw’s proprietary platform, Drona, Blackstraw claims enterprises can convert, create and synthesize AI training data at 3x the speed. The platform not only decreases the time spent on generating training data but also leverages assets to normalize data from various sources to create unbiased & uniform labeled data.

“We at Blackstraw realize that custom data and smarts built within the client ecosystems need easy integration to an AI toolkit for maximizing and expediting ROI. Our platform is designed to integrate into the client’s ecosystem. Our unique selling point is an end-to-end platform for smart AI implementation. From labelling to operationalization, we provide an integrated stack for AI adoption that can be used across enterprises and domains”, adds Arya.

Blackstraw is currently self-funded and focused on platform development. They have connected partners to provide end-to-end services to clients. They are currently engaging with a handful of companies to validate their models. “We expect to learn from these early adopters and iterate quickly to a world class platform”, concluded Arya.

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