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Top 5 Parenting apps to become a smart parent

Saturday, 07 April 2018, 01:58 IST
By SiliconIndia

As children are getting ahead of the time with the technology parents need to do the same in order to control and understand them. Parenting decides child behavior in future, if it went well the child will be sincere and if not, the child could harm others. Most of the children lost in path due to bad parenting, but with the technology, you can take care of it. There are many apps with the help of which you can be updated with the syllabus and can keep eye on them. We have created a few of the best Parenting Apps are listed below:


Study monitor is a next-generation real-time mobile app which can be downloaded by students, parents, and teachers. It is used for tracking the student attendance and monitoring them So that they can cater better education to students. There is also an integrated version of this app in a web portal that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time by teachers. Parents can also access the web portal to track their children’s location.

BY Ju’s:

BY JU is a learning app for the students of class 4-12 and for those who are preparing for JEE, CAT, etc. Parents can be updated with the syllabus or can educate their children through this app. As the app is based on the learning basic through visualization it will help children’s to clear their concept in a better way.


This App allows you to make a list of videos that are safer or related to education for your kids. This way parents can control the wasting of time in watching useless videos by their children’s. The app has some sets of videos that are already sorted for the children of certain age. has made an app for the home security by which you can monitor your home and even your children’s also. Through the app, you gain access to your all smart device and get a visualization of your children’s doing when you are not at home.


The app is made for the parents only, in it, parents can make a list of certain no. of the task and give it a tap once completed. At the end of the week, you will get the weekly chart of the task and you can give some rewards to your kids like watching TV for 2 hrs, playing outdoor for 1 hr, etc. List of tasks can be modified later also.

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