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Innovation on Wheels: Future Tesla Cars Will Not Need Driver's Assistance

Monday, 24 October 2016, 18:08 IST
By SiliconIndia

BENGALURU: With an aim to integrate Tesla cars with advanced automation, CEO Elon Musk announced the deployment of automatic driving in the future versions. Currently, Tesla Motors is taking the first steps to develop electric cars equipped with a wide range of advanced sensors, cameras and many other types of equipments required for driver-free operation. Supporting existing regulations also allow the upgraded technology to be effectively implemented. The upcoming fully autonomous Tesla cars will only be released after rigorous testing and meeting the regulatory compliance requirements.

The current Tesla cars have an Autopilot feature guided by a single camera that helps to drive the car on a single lane and avoid collision. However, future cars will be effectively integrated with eight cameras. Furthermore, compared to the current cars, the new ones will be equipped with high end sensors with a double range. They will also have 40 times advanced computing efficient enough to process over 12 trillion operations per second.

The new range of Tesla cars will be priced at USD 8,000 (about Rs ‚Äč 535,210), considering the additional hardware and software integration needed to fully automate the vehicles. The cost cites more than 20 percent rise when compared to the cost of Tesla's Model 3 Sedan which is USD 35,000 (about Rs 23, 41,555). The Sedan is scheduled to enter the market next year. Depending on the features opted by the users, the costs will vary and scale high. However, according to Musk, the new technology is expected to be two times safer than a human driver.

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