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India on Her 72nd Independence

Wednesday, 15 August 2018, 02:50 IST
By Imelda Tarzarina, Content Writer, Siliconindia

Renewing new Spirits of Celebrating Independence

Today India stands in all her pride and magnificence celebrating her 72nd independence, where every Indian in the sense of patriotic spirit pays tribute to his/her motherland. On commemorating this day, people no longer just sit before black and white screens to witness the speeches of national leaders, play the songs that breed words of freedom struggle or success or witness the hoisting of the tricolor.

The India we see today has grown over the years, re-living those historical moments in much more electrified zealous mannerisms. One would find the nation's streets embellished with strips of the tricolor, faces painted in saffron, white and green and pledges sworn, schools parade and hoist the flag while the National Anthem is sounded in nationalistic honor. The country's leader makes his diligent speech reviving the true spirits of independence and its people cherish the eventful day in celebrations of vibrant fervor. Words of "Jai Hind" (Victory to India) salute the end of every diverse cultural performance staged on various platforms, while competitions are held to ignite a spirit of historical reverence.

Independence came in with a lot of strings attached, to take care of the land given to us and its people. Letting aside these norms of celebration, it is time that we invigorate the spirit of freedom on newer scales. Thus, this year's celebration calls out to channel ways of spreading the sense of freedom in a different light. We spoke to few young Indian bloods to know how they will be celebrating this independence day. Their plans are interesting and out of the box compared to our traditional minds who look at independence day as just another holiday to relax at home or a resort.

Volunteering at an NGO, orphanage or an old age home to spread a meaningful sense of freedom makes the purpose of the day more fruitful. While few parents were taking their kids to the orphanages to celebrate the day with the kids there and make them aware of the true value of being independent, and educate on the contributions of our freedom fighters, few other parents have packed bags filled with new clothes and toys to donate to other little children who are in some form still under the bonds of no freedom.

It is not simply said that kids have pure hearts. While we spoke to few kids, they divulged their own way of celebrating the independence day. The kids are geared up to carry out acts of gratitude to individuals from various public and social sectors like policemen, doctors, soldiers and the like, youngsters by honoring their services with souvenirs of thankfulness.

People view freedom differently. For some, freedom meant cleaning the world of all the pollution they can, hence they chose the day to plant a seed or plant a tree and, spread awareness on the importance of being pro-nature would still encase the meaning of independence.

While there are lots of creative ways in-lined to make the independence day special, we believe that every individual can contribute their part by playing even a small role in the act. Just like a person with an entrepreneurial mind can conduct little tuck-shops whose profits can be donated for a social cause will be a better choice to help another individual feel the sense of freedom.

Furthermore, as the day is declared a national holiday, it is crucial to accolade the sacrifices of all those without whom India would never have stood independent to witness the right to its freedom. Long gone are those days of slavery and struggle, the adventure of fighting for freedom has triumphantly knocked on the doors of every Indian, the call for us now is to not waste time on "petty destructive criticism or ill-will or blame, but to build a noble mansion of free India where our future children may dwell," in the words of Nehru and all those before us who well deserves to be remembered this independence day.

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