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Top 10 horror movies you should watch with your friends

Friday, 30 March 2018, 23:10 IST
By SiliconIndia

Are you hanging out at your friend’s place and searching for a horror movie to watch? You have come to the right place. Most of the people like to watch horror movies as it gives them a feeling of fear and thrill. For them, I have shortlisted some movies with their short summary given that will worth your time while watching them with your friends.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is one of its kinds. It’s a collection of horror, drama thriller, and family love. The Story starts with a family, they bought a haunted farmhouse, which they don’t know obviously, far outside the city and they have spent every penny on buying it. After few days, the paranormal activity starts to follow, at the spooky time of 3:15 AM, which includes talking to ghost, getting haunted by demons, etc and there is a lot more in this film.

The Shinning

The film is about a writer jack Nicholas and recovering alcoholic accepts a job offer of winter caretaker at a hotel. He with his wife Wendy and son Danny starts living in the hotel. Danny has a supernatural power by which he can see the past and Jack knows that previous caretaker had killed his wife and his two daughters and then himself. The whole story happens in the hotel only and jack started seeing ghost and went so crazy that he started killing his family. The whole plot is good overall and sound effects give you real thriller and goosebumps.    

The Exorcist

The movie is all about a teenage girl Chris who is possessed by a demon and he is not leaving her until a group of church priest performs an exorcism on her. You will get to see the turning of the head all around, walking on your 4 locomotive parts and lots of blood.It was one of the best horror movies at the time it was released.   

Ju-on: The Grudge

The story is based on a house that was cursed when a man killed his wife and his son. Whoever comes to the house is consumed by the curse and spread it where ever it dies in. In this, you will be dealing with the ghosts of a boy and his mother who are killing the cursed person in their bhootiya way.  


The story is about a crime writer Ellison Oswalt who moves with his family into a new house not aware of what happened there. He then finds a box in a storeroom filled with a projector and few rolls of films about children murdering their parents brutally with a scary man who they called ‘bogeyman’.After that, a series of paranormal events start happening and he knows that bogeyman is after him. Everything is good from horror dude bogeyman to children murdering their own parents while recording it. 

 Paranormal activity

If you are a ghost hunter or trying to capture the ghost in your camera, you should watch this movie. The movie is all about a couple, Kristie and Micah, shifted to a new home in suburbs recording their lives in a camera. Paranormal activities start happening with them after some days. They find that they are being haunted by a demon and then big secret arises from the girl that the demon is following her since the childhood.

The Ring

The ring is about a videotape, whoever watches it gets a call from someone saying in a female voice “seven days” and that person dies supernaturally after 7 days. The spirit that kills the viewer is of a child who is cursed. Other than that the sound effects and the story plot are amazing with a jaw-dropping climax. 

The Nightmare on the Elm Street

Few bunches of kids started seeing the terrifying burned face man Freddy wearing a blade fixed gloves in their nightmare. Whenever they sleep they see this burned face man hunting them in the nightmare and if they die in nightmare same will happen in their real life. They all are getting killed by the Freddy in their nightmare and no-one is there to help them.

The Blair witch project

This is a ghost hunting kind of film where a group of person went to the black hill for filming a documentary about a local legendary which is Blair Witch. During which they find daemonic events in the forest and some clues of doing witch rituals.

The Witch

In this movie, a family after deserted by their village starts to live in the forest it attracts the evil force living there. After some time certain incidents start happening like failing of crops and one child disappears while other is possessed by evil spirit. As the time grows each family member’s faith and love tested in unforgettable ways.

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