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Reality Check: One Third of World's Poor Live in India

Wednesday, 02 July 2014, 02:45 IST
By SiliconIndia

Known as ‘‘The land of forests,’ Jharkhand is rich in natural resources and native history. About three quarters of the state’s 32.9 million people are settled in rural areas, many of them in traditional tribal groups.

It is one of the poorest states in India, with high child under nutrition and anemia among women. In Jharkhand, 36.96 percent of the people live below the poverty line, and about half the children younger than three are considered malnourished. Hilly terrain hampers outreach efforts in some areas of the state. Because of the insurgency problem, the state though harbors a rich abundance of natural resources, its people still live in abject poverty and destitution.

Proudly referred to as ‘The Land of Jewels’ by the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru, Manipur is one of the seven states of North East India. It is flanked by Nagaland, Assam, Mizoram and Myanmar on the north, west, south and east respectively.

It has a total geographical area of 22,327 and a population of 2, 388, 641. 1 Out of this almost 90 percent of the geographical areas are hilly, occupied mostly by the tribal communities.

Poverty continues to be the main problem in this state. In 2011-12 Manipur had 10.22 lakh people under the poverty line and it worked out to 36.89 percent of the total population.  Nearly 37 percent of the population in Manipur cannot meet the basic minimum needs. One out of every three is poor in Manipur. The poverty lines in terms of monthly per capita expenditure were Rs.1118 in rural and Rs.1170 in urban Manipur.

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