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Prominent Martyrs Of India's Freedom Struggle

Thursday, 15 August 2013, 02:56 IST
By SiliconIndia

ABDUL KHADlR MOHAMMED (1917 to 1942)
Abdul Khadir Mohammed was born as the son of Shri Vavakunju on May 25, 1917, at Vakkom, Distt. Trivandrum of Kerala. After his matriculation he took part in the popular movement in Travancore State. He went to Malaya before the Second World War and joined the Indian National Army there in 1942. Mohammed was sent to India on an intelligence assignment and landed on the Calicut coast, however was detected and arrested by the British authorities. He was hanged in the Madras Penitentiary on September 10, 1943 on the case for spying for a foreign power.

KONWAR KUSAL (1905 to 1943)
He was born at Sarupathar, Golaghat in Assam on 1905.Kusal took part in the Civil Disobedience Movement and the Quit India Movement actively.Kushal was a tea Estate employee and the President of, Sarupathar Congress Committee when he was arrested on suspicious grounds involving the derailment of a British military train near the Sarupathar railway station on October 9, 1942. He was later charged and put to death in the Jorhat Jail on June 16, 1943.

MITRA ANANTAHARI (1906 - 1926)
Mitra Anantahari, the son of Sri Ram Lal Mitra, was born on 1906 at Begumpur, Dist. Nadia, in West Bengal. He organized revolutionary activities against British and was arrested and sentenced for lifelong imprisonment in a bomb case. He murdered Bhupen Chatterji, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, while in Jail and was hanged on September 28, 1926.