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5 Ways that businesses can save money with CMMS

Monday, 20 August 2018, 17:28 IST
By SiliconIndia

Are you looking for a reliable method to keep track of your businessímaintenance operations? Or are the frequent and unforeseen machine breakdowns costing your business heftily? Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software offer businesses numerous benefits top among them being saving money.

Below are 5 ways in which CMMS can help save your business money.

1. Reduces losses as a result of downtime

Preventative CMMS allows you to plan and schedule for maintenance work during off-peak hours. As a result, inconvenience caused to customers is minimal.

In addition, preventative CMMS incorporates a system that troubleshoots the systemto identify issues that may cause system breakdown. This prevents unexpected system failure that would otherwise cause your business to be disrupted.

2. Extends asset lifetime

Buying new equipment is costly. Therefore, ensuring that the already existingassets are well maintained to extend their lifetime can make a great difference to your financial bottom line. It also means that the machines will offer their services long enough to allow the business to recover its investment cost on the asset as well as make significant profit. CMMS software will help you leverage on maintenance data to schedule repairs and part replacements that support optimal operations of the machine.

3. Boosts workerís productivity

Manual tracking and scheduling of maintenance tasks are time-consuming and prone to human errors. Manual data entry is time-intensive and due to its mundane nature can cause boredom among the workers thus creating loopholes for mistakes.

Investing in CMMS software reduces the time spent in planning, scheduling and data entry. Consequently, it reduces the number of workers required to oversee systems operations and maintenance which translates to reduced labor costs.

4. Optimizes inventory management

One aspect of effective inventory management is being able to get the right and quality repair parts. The second aspect is sourcing parts at the best market prices. How does a CMMS software help in improving inventory management and ultimately reducing inventory-related costs?

Proper documentation of maintenance schedules and reports enables you to determine when the system needs repairs. Therefore, you have ample time to consult with experts about the right repair parts and to source for the most suitable ones at the best prices.

Conversely, in the case of manual maintenance, you do not foresee breakdowns hence when they occur you hurriedly settle down for the parts available because you donít have the time to source for the best suppliers and prices.

You are also able to keep a centralized directory of inventory including information on warranties, parts and system models, manuals, serial numbers and ID tags.

5. Keeps track of maintenance costs for better planning

CMMS software allows you to keep track as well as analyze monthly and annual maintenance costs, inventory costs,and labor costs. Using this information, you can tell where your spending most of your maintenance budget on thus,strategize on ways to cut costs.

Whether you are looking to streamline inventory management, optimize labor utilization, reduce downtime or prolong asset life, investing in a maintenance management system software will save your business money and boost operational efficiency.

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