Top 5 Data Security Concerns for CIOs

Wednesday, 18 July 2012, 22:51 IST
By SiliconIndia

Bangalore: With the outburst of powerful devices that are capable of remotely accessing private customer information’s, sensitive emails, and other protected corporate data- the need to secure these devices has turned out to be one of the major concerns for CIOs and IT managers. To secure these enterprise applications, IT managers have to fully understand the perspective side in adopting mobile applications. This mainly includes building application security, deploying right set of people with correct policies and process. So with that here is a list that features top 5 security concerns for CIOs and It managers.

#1. Data Security:

The first important step in securing enterprise data is user authentication. But simply by applying some kind of hardcore policies data alone cannot end up with secured data. For a successful authentication, enterprises must know who all the application users are and their use with data along with allowing connectivity through off-premise Wi-Fi, public hotspots, and unsecured cellular networks. However CIOs also have to prevent data loss through mobile devices. Whoever the user is, enterprises must make sure that, devices that contain sensitive data must not be stolen or tampered or compromised at any costs.