Top 5 Black Hat Security Lessons for CIOs

Wednesday, 08 August 2012, 23:27 IST
By SiliconIndia

#2 Read the fine print on cloud contracts:

Companies must make sure that they clearly study the licensing agreements before going for the deal. To prove this, recently there have been controversies on vendor responsibilities and their aspects. CIOs have to recruit some good-careful document handlers, who can clearly understand and present the liabilities that come within the contracts. Also it’s evident that the move to cloud computing platform has slowed down as companies are now clearly investigating technology, business and legal responsibilities that come across these contracts.

#3 When it comes to mobile security, think backward:

We know the importance of smartphones in today’s day to day life. With Wi-Fi hotspots and carrier networks, mobiles are also turning out to be a major player in security platform. Mobile vendors have been continuously incorporating security applications into their products, so that these gadgets can play a major role in enterprises. Application sandboxing, differentiating of operating systems, encryption and data wiping are just some of the upcoming mobile technologies that helps enterprises. So CIOs have to make sure that these technologies are deployed into their organizational infrastructure.