5 Virtual Desktop Managers for a Clean Desktop

Tuesday, 13 November 2012, 00:12 IST
By SiliconIndia

Bangalore: Virtual desktop allows users to run applications on unique desktop screens thus keeping the various tasks they work on separate and thus making the desktop look clutter free. UNIX and Linux have been providing this feature for a long time now but the Windows users are still using the traditional single desktop. As published in TechRepublic, here are five virtual desktop managers provides the users an option to use virtual desktops even in their Window PCs.

5. Desktops
Product of: Sysinternals (Microsoft)

Microsoft, in order to compensate for its inability to support virtual desktops came up with this add-on; however, it lacks a lot of features. It offers only four virtual desktops and the only two features it offers are shortcut keys; to select the virtual desktop, and a quick preview of all the four virtual desktops by clicking on the notification icon.

The pros of Desktops is that it is stable as compared to other selections that only show and hide the applications based o the desktop selection and its biggest disadvantage is that the applications gets locked to the desktop they were launched on and thus user cannot move these applications between desktops. It is free and compatible with Windows XP/ Server 2003 and other higher versions.