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Corporate Mantra: Replace A Woman Employee With Another Woman Talent

Thursday, 28 August 2014, 01:35 IST
By SiliconIndia

BANGALORE: Would you hire a women candidate if a woman employee decides to quit? Well, that seems to be the new mantra at the present corporate India which is going all out in hiring women to improve upon its gender diversity ratio at the workplace, reports Namrata Singh of TNN.

Over the years gender ratios are generally devised towards male employees and even in some of the most prestigious organizations today. But this seems to be changing in quick succession because companies are willing to adopt new practices to improve their gender ratios.

Some of the companies that are practicing this hiring process on regular basis include, Sodexo India, an engineering, procurement and construction maintenance company; and Pitney Bowes, a global technology company.

Rohini Anand, senior VP and global chief diversity officer for Sodexo said, “We have come up with a new practice of replacing a woman with a woman. If we lose out on a woman employee, we will ensure that she is replaced by another woman employee so that we maintain our gender diversity. We will, however, not compromise on quality."

With this development, Sodexo India also took further steps and set a target to take the total percentage of women employees from the current 16 percent to 20 percent by the end of this financial year.

Fluor and Pitney Bowes have employed this scheme with an objective to expand opportunities for women and business. However, it was said that there is no reservation of roles or positions for women in both Fluor and Pitney Bowes as it follows the said practice in India as well.

Shachi Irde, executive director of Catalyst India women's research center said, "Pitney Bowes identifies job roles and positions exclusively for women across departments and levels, and has job postings that specifically target qualified women for certain roles.”

Additionally, there was also increase in women hiring in sectors like auto and farm equipment where there is a lack of women talent and company didn’t mind hiring female fresher’s as apprentice trainee.   
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