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How Website Designing Helps You in Increasing Your Sales?

Tuesday, 08 August 2017, 19:04 IST
By SiliconIndia

Having a website is common these days, but as a business, the effort is fruitful only if sales come out of the website. What has often been noted that although SEO and catchy titles help get people to find a website from searches, very few of them convert into sales, and that is where Conversion Ratio optimization comes in.

With a few simple tricks and tips, which you can easily figure out if you employ a reputed website designingcompany, you can transform your website into the best salesperson ever. With just a single time investment, you can include some simple attributes into your website which the professionals will help you with, and you can see your sales figures rise.

Interactive content: The first advice that the designers in a web design company will give you is to include more interactive elements to your web pages. With the inclusion of audio-visual contents such as a video explaining your product/services, a potential customer can easily decide whether they want it or not.

Attractive call-to-action: Another important designing aspect that any professional website designingpersonnel will give you, place your call-to-action above everything else. With a catchy line such as “increase your sales by three times” instead of a simple “click here” can be very effective. Also, these companies will help you design your landing page in a manner such that the call-to-action is the first thing that catches the viewer’s eyes.

Avoid pop-ups: An important design aspect would be to avoid pop-ups, which serve no purpose other than irritating the potential customer.

Easy payment options: A good web designing agency will make sure that there is an easy e-payment option that will help the potential customer to make the purchase.

Analysis: It cannot be expected from the website to grow the sales by 100% overnight. A periodic analysis is done by the web designing companies to see where the conversion ratio is failing and then make suitable changes to that portion. The regular and periodic analysis is crucial to the performance of the website sales.

Newsletters: A periodic update to the customer base and potential customers about new product/service launches can be designed by professionals for better publicity. A good digital marketing agency or a digital marketing team within the web designing agency can be very helpful in this matter.

A give-and-take relationship: Provide hacks and tips in the newsletters, or free trial offers to attract a brand-new customer base and hold on to the ones you already have. You can include them in the newsletters or put them on the landing page of your website as well.

Increase social media presence: Any digital marketing agency would advise you to set up pages for your business on social networking platforms and launch ad campaigns as well for a more exponential growth.