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Top 10 Rumored Smartphones Scheduled for 2016

Friday, 27 November 2015, 00:35 IST
By SiliconIndia

OnePlus 3

The world renowned ‘Flagship Killer’ maker OnePlus will unveil their third flagship handset next year, which will again create quite a stir in the Smartphone market. As OnePlus is known for selling the high-end powered devices at a low price and the next gen handset is expected to be affordably priced., According to the reports, OnePlus 3 will sport 4GB of RAM and QHD display along with an enhanced camera package.

HTC One M10

The Taiwanese phone maker known for the stunning designs in their flagship Smartphones has already spilled beans on the upcoming ‘One M10’ handset. According to the reports, One M10 handset will sport USB Type-C port and a fingerprint sensor along with high compatibility with VR headset by the company.
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