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Ideas That Will Make You Wealthier Than Your Banker

Friday, 03 May 2013, 00:57 IST
By SiliconIndia








Bangalore: People look for best options in case of investing their money and make profits out of it. But most of the time it is observed that instead of making the correct decisions many of you ends up incurring losses. While on the other end bankers and brokers get richer and wealthier. You may assume that it is their wit and knowledge that make things workout for them, it is to some extent, but not always.

Even ordinary people like you and others can also become richer than your banker or broker. Read on to know three simple ways how you can successfully gain in investing, reported by

1. Trade Rare

The primary mode of income for the big financial firms is the brokerage they earn from their clients. So it is not advisable to trade often, as the money goes to these firms and people end up gaining nothing.

Investments are always subjected to market risks and therefore advisors suggest that frequent investing is not always a good practice. Investment done in stocks should always be a long-term process. If you have a habit of day to day gambling, consider it no less than gambling. Trading often only makes these brokers and financial firms richer making you agents millionaires rather than you.

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