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10 Ways To Keep Your Internet Banking Safe

Wednesday, 27 March 2013, 02:21 IST
By SiliconIndia

Bangalore: Banks all over the world provides precautions to their customers about internet banking. But people don’t realize the consequences of unsafe internet banking. Even after constant warnings from all the banks people still fall prey to these traps.

Bank account hacking has become a threat nowadays and is increasing vigorously. People normally tend to ignore few simple steps to secure internet banking. Here are some simple tips that can make internet banking free of cyber criminals.

1. Phishing Alert

Phishing is a technical word used from scam, where frauds send e –mails to you. This e-mail looks authentic, asking for your bank account numbers, passwords and other personal information.

After being warned by all the banks, not to reply or disclose any personal information to these e-mails or to click on these types of links, people still fall for these traps.

The authenticity of these e-mails makes the fool out of the customers and finally people falls prey to the hands of the frauds.

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